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How is Indoor Air Quality Tested in Spotsylvania, VA?

May 17, 2023May 18th, 2023No Comments

Did you know that less than 10% of people in the world breathe clean air?

But what do you breathe most of the time? And most importantly, what are you breathing in your home in Spotsylvania?

It’s important to understand your indoor air quality and what you are breathing in case you need to get HVAC services to correct the issue.

Ready to find out how air quality is tested in Spotsylvania? Read on!

Air Sampling

Generic air sampling is the process of collecting different samples of air within the home. One sample could be from the bathroom upstairs and another could be from the living room downstairs. This is to check the air quality in various rooms of the house because they can differ.

But how do HVAC services collect the air for air quality testing?

They use a device to collect the air. From there, they will analyze the air to look for VOCs, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and other gases that could be present. 

Physical Inspections

Physical inspections of the environment can help to determine if there are possible pollutants in the air within the building materials and ventilation systems.

Some of the pollutants that an HVAC service could find within your home from a physical inspection would be signs of water damage, mold growth, pest infestations, and other potential factors that could cause bad air quality.

Finding these types of issues during a physical inspection can point to bad air quality without actually testing the air. This is because these issues stem from what is in the air. 

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling checks to see what substances are present on various surfaces throughout your home. Swabs and samples can be taken from different surfaces and then taken to a laboratory for analysis.

When an HVAC company inspects your home’s air quality through surface sampling, the results can tell a lot about the quality of your air.

If there is mold present in the analysis, this means that something is wrong in the air overall. 

Monitoring Instruments

In addition to the above types of air quality testing, there are also monitoring instruments that can be used. These can measure specific types of air quality.

For instance, there are monitoring devices for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity meters, and volatile organic compound (VOC) meters as well.

This can give someone an idea of what their indoor air quality is really like.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Spotsylvania 

If you are wondering what your air quality is like in your home and are also wondering how they test for what your air quality is like, you now have a better understanding.

There are multiple different ways that an HVAC company can check the air quality within your home. 

Are you ready to get air quality testing in Spotsylvania? Book an appointment with us at ALCO HVAC for service.