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While the state of Virginia is normally very pleasant to live in, there are certain times during the hot, humid summers where you simply want to retreat into your home and enjoy the cool atmosphere created by a powerful AC system. However, as you rely on your AC more and more during the hot summer months, your hard-working AC unit can often begin to malfunction, or even stop working altogether.

To avoid finding yourself in this uncomfortable situation, the smartest plan of action is to take advantage of our regular AC maintenance in Fredericksburg. If you reach out to our experts at ALCO HVAC, you will never have to fear being suddenly deprived of air conditioning again. With our comprehensive check-ups, any minor issues can be quickly fixed before they cause major trouble.

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What Is Involved in a Tune-Up?

Many people are unaware that their AC unit actually starts experiencing issues long before the summer, even though this may be when they make the unfortunate discovery. Although your AC system may not be running during the cold winter, this does not mean the rest period is good for the unit. The ongoing accumulation of grime, dust, and dirt particles collects within the delicate parts of your unit, making it less functional. Even though these contaminants may seem small, when they get trapped within your AC unit the entire system can become inoperable. With dedicated maintenance, we can make sure that your unit is clean and running properly long before the summer season.

Some of the components involved in our detailed check-ups include:

  • Inspecting each system control to make sure it is running well
  • Tightening any electrical connections that have come loose
  • Making sure all thermostat settings are correctly calibrated
  • Coating moving parts with a safe lubricant
  • Examining the condensate drain

Benefits of Reliable Maintenance

Some homeowners wonder if maintenance is truly necessary, hoping to save a few bucks. However, it is important to realize that regular tune-ups for your air conditioning system actually saves a lot of money both in the short term and the long term. When your unit does not constantly need repairs that come from letting the system sit for a long time, this automatically reduces costs. Well-maintained ACs are also highly efficient at cooling, without using a lot of energy, so you will rejoice to see your monthly bills decrease.

Another advantage of having powerfully maintained air conditioning systems is that they protect the health and safety of yourself and any other household members. Without the accumulation of dirt and dander being blown from your unit, allergens and contaminants will greatly decrease, leading to better indoor air quality.

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Investing in the Present & the Future

It is important to remember that when you invest in regular AC maintenance with ALCO HVAC, you are not just protecting your present needs but your future ones as well. We get regular maintenance check-ups for our teeth and oil changes for our car, even when we are not immediately experiencing a major problem. This is a superior way of preventing problems in the future. In a similar manner, invest in a safe, comfortable, and air-conditioned home by scheduling a tune-up today.

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